Our Story

PSD Jaipur is a fashion brand from Jaipur, a city rich in antiquity and textile craftsmanship. Encouraging quality craftsmanship and the revival of lost Indian traditions that are beneficial to the environment and society is what we constantly work towards. PSD Jaipur is about you and who you truly are. It is planned for typical individuals who like to look great without being awkward. Our underlying foundations are important to us at psdjaipur, so cotton will be the primary texture of choice from now on. We truly believe that clothes can look great on anybody, regardless of their looks or figure. This is the kind of apparel that we totally believe in—it feels great on the skin, and it looks totally beautiful when decorated. This is the thing that I wear! We like to include elements of the country’s culture and historical artwork into our creations. While travelling across the world, we recognised how valuable and exquisite Indian crafts and textiles are, and how much potential they have to bring about a revolutionary shift in the world. Cultural traditions keep us rooted and preserve wisdom through the ages. It is our responsibility to keep them alive and share the legacy with future generations.